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Pastor Tim P. Blaisure – 03/27/22 – Morning Message Part 1

Intro: Life is like the playing the game shoots & ladders; in all our conversations, confrontations, circumstances that we face through each day of our lives, our reactions to things cause us to get bitter or better. Bitterness- comes from holding onto hurt feelings, a grudge for what you had to go through. It could be as simple as a comment about you or someone you love or sickness, financial situations, a death in the family, something that you couldn’t control. If left hidden in your heart it turns into bitterness that kill you from the inside out. You will slowly die spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally. This doesn’t just affect you but is like poison that spreads wherever you go. We have two choices to make every time we face something; Become Bitter or Better which will it make us?


(Gen. 50:20)


I. Joseph faced rejection: Becoming Bitter or Better?

A. (Gen. 37:2)- giving a bad report.

“This is the account of Jacob and his family. When Joseph was seventeen years old, he often tended his father’s flocks. He worked for his half-brothers, the sons of his father’s wives Bilhah and Zilpah. But Joseph reported to his father some of the bad things his brothers were doing.”

B. (Gen. 37:3,4)- favoritism from his dad.

Jacob loved Joseph more than any of his other children because Joseph had been born to him in his old age. So, one day Jacob had a special gift made for Joseph—a beautiful robe.

4 But his brothers hated Joseph because their father loved him more than the rest of them. They couldn’t say a kind word to him.”

C. (Gen. 37:5)- hated for sharing dreams.

One night Joseph had a dream, and when he told his brothers about it, they hated him more than ever.”

II. Joseph is sold out: Becoming Bitter or Better?

A. (Gen. 37:23)- stripped of what was precious.

“So, when Joseph arrived, his brothers ripped off the beautiful robe he was wearing.”

B. (Gen. 37:24-25) Thrown into a cistern (well).

Then they grabbed him and threw him into the cistern. Now the cistern was empty; there was no water in it.

25 Then, just as they were sitting down to eat, they looked up and saw a caravan of camels in the distance coming toward them. It was a group of Ishmaelite traders taking a load of gum, balm, and aromatic resin from Gilead down to Egypt.”

C. (Gen. 37:26-28,36)sold into slavery from family.

“Judah said to his brothers, “What will we gain by killing our brother?

We’d have to cover up the crime.

27 Instead of hurting him, let’s sell him to those Ishmaelite traders. After all, he is our brother—our own flesh and blood!” And his brothers agreed.

28 So when the Ishmaelites, who were Midianite traders, came by, Joseph’s brothers pulled him out of the cistern and sold him to them for twenty pieces of silver. And the traders took him to Egypt.

36 Meanwhile, the Midianite traders arrived in Egypt, where they sold Joseph to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, the king of Egypt. Potiphar was captain of the palace guard.”

III. Joseph is set up: Becoming Bitter or Better?

A. (Gen. 39:1-5)Joseph decided to become better- God blessed him.

“When Joseph was taken to Egypt by the Ishmaelite traders, he was purchased by Potiphar, an Egyptian officer. Potiphar was captain of the guard for Pharaoh, the king of Egypt.

2 The Lord was with Joseph, so he succeeded in everything he did as he served in the home of his Egyptian master.

3 Potiphar noticed this and realized that the Lord was with Joseph, giving him success in everything he did.

4 This pleased Potiphar, so he soon made Joseph his personal attendant. He put him in charge of his entire household and everything he owned.

5 From the day Joseph was put in charge of his master’s household and property, the Lord began to bless Potiphar’s household for Joseph’s sake. All his household affairs ran smoothly, and his crops and livestock flourished.”

B. (Gen. 39:6-9)- Position will put you in front of temptation.

“So, Potiphar gave Joseph complete administrative responsibility over everything he owned. With Joseph there, he didn’t worry about a thing—except what kind of food to eat!

Joseph was a very handsome and well-built young man,

7 and Potiphar’s wife soon began to look at him lustfully. “Come and sleep with me,” she demanded.

8 But Joseph refused. “Look,” he told her, “my master trusts me with everything in his entire household.

9 No one here has more authority than I do. He has held back nothing from me except you because you are his wife. How could I do such a wicked thing? It would be a great sin against God.”

C. (Gen. 39:11-15)- Even when resisted temptation set up- didn’t do.

“One day, however, no one else was around when he went in to do his work.

12 She came and grabbed him by his cloak, demanding, “Come on, sleep with me!” Joseph tore himself away, but he left his cloak in her hand as he ran from the house.

13 When she saw that she was holding his cloak and he had fled,

14 she called out to her servants. Soon all the men came running. “Look!” she said. “My husband has brought this Hebrew slave here to make fools of us! He came into my room to rape me, but I screamed.

15 When he heard me scream, he ran outside and got away, but he left his cloak behind with me.”


In our lives we face situations and circumstances; some we have gotten ourselves in, some we have been rejected, sold out, and set up. But it is our choice to put things into God’s hand and allow Him to make us Better through it all instead of allowing bitterness into our lives and cause total destruction.

Is the Bitterness lurking at your door or is it already inside?

Give it to Jesus- forgiveness is the only way to becoming better. And in the Lord’s time recognition will come as you become better instead of Bitter.

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